BENZ NON-DRIP COUPLINGS (NDC): For soft washing and window cleaning hoses

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    These couplings work with our Non-Drip Plugs (NDP).

    They will not leak even with a pump turned on and will only let fluid pass when they are connected to a non-drip plug. The plugs attach to your WFP, spray lance or trigger, which pushes into the coupling.

    One side of these Non-Drip Couplings (NDC) is fitted with a hose tail for easy attachment to your hose.

    Ben added these to all of his hose reels so that he has safe drip-free connections for both soft washing and window cleaning.

    He has a 1/2" / 12.5mm NDC on his soft washing hose reel because he uses 1/2" / 12.5mm ID (Inside Diameter) hose for soft washing.

    He has a 3/8" / 8mm NDC on his window cleaning hose reel because he uses 3/8" / 8mm ID size hose for window cleaning.

    Quick tip: Some window cleaners like to use 1/4" /  6mm ID  hose on their hose reels. This is why we have made the 1/4" / 6mm NDC available.

    Non-Drip Plugs are universal and have different size hose tails for different applications. Click here to visit our Non-Drip Plug product page to learn more about them

    Ben tested these couplings to destruction to be sure they are up to the high standards we demand from everything we sell.

    Even when treated roughly – by not fitting a Protecta ball for example – and so repeatedly dragging them along the ground leading to cracking of the plastic outer case, they've still been useable simply by repairing the outer case with insulation tape.

    Obviously we do not recommend doing this! But our rigorous tests clearly proved the high quality, resilience and strength of the of these non-drip plugs.

    Quick tip: Attach a Protecta ball, tennis ball, rubber ball, or similar on your hose next to the coupling to prevent the damage that repeated dragging along the ground when rolling back your hoses can cause. (simply drill a hole through them of the same diameter as your hose and slide the ball onto your hose)