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ROOF MOSS "FLEXI SCRAPERS" - Highest quality for rapid moss removal

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Roof moss Flexi Scrapers – strong & long-lasting – scrape all moss from roofs working from the ground or scaffolding

Stay safe – no more climbing on roofs



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Prices are per full set of roof moss scrapers (pole not included)
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      These are the highest quality roof moss Flexi Scrapers on the market

      Benz roof moss Flexi Scrapers are precision manufactured out of aluminium and stainless steel.

      They enable the rapid and effective scraping of moss, liverworts, etc from an entire roof by working only from the eves of the roof - reducing risks and labour costs.




      These high quality professional roof moss Flexi Scrapers enable faster moss removal and are easier to use than home-made scrapers


      Slate roof moss scraping, softwashing equipment


      Each set of professional roof moss Flexi Scrapers comes complete with:

      • a roof moss scraper head assembly
      • 10 roof moss scraper blades

      These roof moss scrapers are specifically designed with profiles that fit the most common roof tiles in the UK and Ireland.


      The basic set of Benz professional roof moss Flexi Scrapers comprises:

      1. A head unit
      2. A flat nylon blade 
      3. A flat steel blade

      The full set of 10 Benz professional roof moss Flexi Scrapers comprises:

      X1 Flat steel - Used for ridges and flat concrete tiles for blanket moss removal

      x1 Flat nylon - Slate/clay slates

      x1 Redland Regent

      x1 Marley Ludlow

      x1 Marley Ludlow Plus

      x1 Marley Mendip

      x1 Marley Double Roman

      x1 Redland Grovebury

      x1 Redland Renown

      x1 Anchor Bold Roll

      Replacement blades

      A set of five replacement blades.

      These are designed for Benz scrapers only.

      Adaptors and thread type

      All our roof moss Flexi Scrapers screw onto a euro thread adaptor that comes with the poles, or can be purchased separately from the pole manufacturer.

      Benz roof moss Flexi Scrapers will fit any pole with a male euro thread adaptor, which will either be already on, or can be obtained for, all the poles we’ve seen.

      How to use Benz roof moss Flexi Scrapers

      Simply attach the scraper head assembly onto your telescopic pole.

      The pole should be the strongest and most rigid you can get, so that it has the least amount of flex.

      The Gardiner SLX and Facelift Renegade are good examples of this type of pole.

      Glassfibre or composite poles will work ok. However, you'll find it easier and less tiring to work with a lighter and stiffer full carbon pole.

      Roof moss scraper for double roman tiles        Roof moss scraper on telescopic pole, softwashing tools

      Quick tips:

      • Always check a roof for pre-existing damage – inform your customer and take photographs – before scraping moss, liverworts, etc from a roof
      • Use nylon roof moss scrapers for natural slate and man-made slate

      • Steel roof moss scrapers are fine for use on concrete tiles

      • Be careful scraping moss from coated concrete tiles. Use a nylon roof moss scraper after conducting a suitability test scrape to ensure the tile's coating will not be damaged.

      • Pre-wet clay tiles if using a steel roof moss scraper – to provide lubrication – and scrape the moss from the roof with care, respecting the relative fragility of clay tiles

      Roof moss scrapers fit telescopic pole, softwashing tools




      Please note: Roof moss Flexi Scrapers are shipped separately from your other products and may take a little longer to arrive.
      (Price quoted is per full set of roof moss scrapers)



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