Benz professional soft washing products

BENZ LP-350 SLIDING WFP TRIGGER: Enables precise application of softwash chemicals at height

€344.00 EUR

The Benz LP-350 is a variable flow-rate trigger that fits to standard water fed poles, making them highly effective for rapid soft washing


Watch the video below to see Ben demonstrate using the Benz LP-350 variable flow-rate trigger



Follow this simple process to ensure you choose the correct attachments for your pole

1. Choose the inlet fitting you would like to use. Enter in the "Choose inlet fitting" box.

2. Select the brand of the pole you will be fitting the trigger to. Enter in the "Choose the pole brand the trigger is to be fitted to" box.

3. Look at the number on the clamp, located on the bottom section of the pole that the trigger is to be fitted to. Select this number and your trigger will fit that pole section. Enter in the "Choose the bottom pole section clamp number" box.

Quick tip: Send us an email us if you have a question about the size and fitting of the trigger. Please be specific and state your question clearly.