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March 04, 2021

Ben soft washing a slate roof with Benz Bio Cleanze

Our huge thanks to all our customers for your loyalty in making Benz your softwash product supplier of choice. We appreciate the fact that so many of our trade customers come back to us week after week, month after month, year after year. 

And by way of practical appreciation, we've decided to no longer pro-actively seek domestic customers for our products and will not knowingly sell products to the customers of our trade customers, i.e. those who want to play around with d.i.y.

We think it far better and safer for everyone that you guys do the work of treating properties from the vantage point of your professional knowledge and expertise. 

The Benz Van video series: The next video update will be with you asap. Promise! Thank you for your patience in waiting for the latest instalment. We know it has been a long wait ...

The reason for the delay is that we've been inundated with a tsunami of orders (a good problem to have! 😎) along with having our hands tied by Covid and Brexit restrictions (not such great problems but we are successfully dealing with the challenges and believe that happier days are coming ... 👍)

We will get it completed and out to you absolutely asap. Every vid, although seemingly short and simple, actually consumes a great many hours filming and editing. But the many positive comments we are receiving help make the work feel worthwhile. 

As always, be safe, have fun and look after the ones you love.


Ben, Leo and Fiona

Btw: Remember to offer to put your customers on a "Clean & Maintain" programme, so they can enjoy a year-round clean property and you can enjoy the regular repeat business.


Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide

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