What's the difference between Benz Bio Cleanze and new Perma Cleanze?

June 18, 2019

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Hi guys,

You may notice a new Benz product on our website: Benz Perma Cleanze

So we thought to let you know what this new product is and why we have introduced it.

Quite simply, it's a DIY version of Benz Bio Cleanze that we are allowed to sell to the general public. (you probably already know that sales of the more concentrated Bio Cleanze are legally restricted to professional cleaning contractors)

So for most trade work you'll probably want to continue using Bio Cleanze.

However ... if you get a contract to clean the car parks and paths around, for example, a large office complex, you may find that the management want only the very safest products to be brought onto site.

In this case you could offer to treat with Perma Cleanze as the long-term solution to keeping their property permanently clean.

Management will also be re-assured to know that, as with our other Benz softwash products, Perma Cleanze has been fully approved by the UK and Irish governments.

Quick tip: The DDAC % of Perma Cleanze is about 5%, which compares to the 50% DDAC in Bio Cleanze – and which means it is much safer to have on site.

We hope this clarifies the situation.


Ben, Leo & Fiona

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